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In the last twenty years, technology has unquestionably experienced huge advancements in all areas. One of the newest and most exciting ways that technology has been put to work is within the realm of environmentally friendly alternatives. A great example of this is the advent of the electric bike. Downtown gridlock and heavy traffic flow can make for a maddening scene when attempting to drive a traditional car.

Avoiding typical transportation flow and further enjoying your commute are some of the many reasons that the popularity of e-bikes has spiked in the last couple of years. The popularity is well earned- the advantages of owning an electric bike are almost overwhelming. From the eco-conscious benefits to the enhanced ability to travel long distances, an electric bike is an excellent option to consider when pondering your next transportation purchase.

Good for the Environment

Reducing the number of cars on the road results in reducing the rate of emissions released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Public transportation has made strides, but still the single occupant drive is noticeably prevalent during peak hours on highways all over the globe. The solution? Bikes for all! Biking is a much loved, often romantically perceived, method of transportation that dates back hundreds of years. 

The thing is, with increased dependency on mobility for longer journeys, traditional bikes have been tossed to the side. Electronic bikes bridge the environmental responsibility versus distance effective gap in an ingenious way. By incorporating throttles or pedal assistance (this ranges from bike to bike), a cyclist can ride for longer while expending far less energy. The best part is that the motors are only used when needed because the legs are still doing the majority of the work. Thusly, emissions from electronic bikes are negligible. Additionally, a substantially higher amount of bikes can operate on roads in comparison the large vehicles. The results are an increased number of people getting to their destinations, with a decreased carbon footprint. This is a swap the environment will thank you for profusely.

Travel Longer Distances

The entire point of electronic bikes is to facilitate cycling more easily, with motorized assistance kicking in as the rider needs. This mechanism helps in a big way by enabling any inexperienced rider to increase the length of their intended route significantly. This means that any electronic bike worth its salt can be utilized for journeys not typically made by bike. Some of the best electric bikes under $1000 can last for a lifetime of lengthy rides carrying a happy, and far-from-exhausted rider behind the handlebars. This can be especially advantageous in the case of elderly bike enthusiasts or individuals with particular physical limitations. Biking should be fun and accessible, and electronic bikes are perfect products to pump up confidence, distance, and bike ridership without pumping up your heart rate.

Electric Bike

Easy Maintenance

In need of a tune-up or repair? Don’t sweat it! Since electronic bikes are fairly simple and contained, and the cycling components and mechanisms are universally recognized by bike repair stores, maintenance is a cinch. Even potential glitches with the electronic systems can generally be fixed much more quickly than a complex automotive issue. Plus, all parts are easily portable- which means that they are more readily available and can be transported by hand. 

This also translates to a less expensive repair bill. Instead of being gouged at the auto shop any time something goes awry, most of the problems that arise with an electronic bike can be fixed quickly and cheaply. Unsurprisingly, this means that owning an electronic bike is significantly less expensive than owning a car, especially given that the initial cost to purchase is a fraction of what it would cost you to buy a gas-guzzling vehicle. 

Imagine all of the fresh air and exercise you can handle- without the exhaustion and frustration of manually pedaling to a far off locale. Electric bikes can be a great idea, not only for modern commutes but for people of all ages and fitness levels to be able to experience the joy of riding. 

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your recreational activities, and electric bikes can ensure that everyone who chooses to utilize them will be afforded the freedom and lack of inhibitions that a lengthy bike journey can yield. Plus, electronic bike owners will inevitably save money and time by avoiding auto-repair shops and pricey tune-ups. If you were on the fence before, hopefully, you’ve hopped down and slipped your feet into some pedals to join the e-bike movement!


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