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No one should ride alone, especially not when this much fun can be had. Newcomer Volcon, a U.S.-based maker of electric powersports vehicles, is introducing a mini-companion to its flagship Grunt e-bike.

Meet Runt. Runt is just like Grunt, only smaller and less capable/powerful, which makes all the sense in the world considering it’s designed for kids.

Grunt is the first offering from Volcon, and its delivery date is set for the spring of 2021. It’s a beastly all-terrain electric motorcycle that is just perfect both for fun and for actual farm work. Introduced last October, it boasts a 50 hp mid-drive electric motor able to deliver top speeds of 60 mph (96 kph) in as little as six seconds from a standing start. The range is equally impressive, a solid 100 miles (161 km) per charge.

Because dads shouldn’t be having all the fun, Volcon has also designed a mini e-bike companion. The Runt “allows families to join together in off-road powersports adventures, creating lasting memories and setting the groundwork for a lifetime of off-road fun,” as per the company. It’s the perfect addition to a farm or for any family into off-road riding.

Runt has a 35-mile (56-km) range, and a full recharge takes just two hours at a regular household outlet. Volcon doesn’t say whether the battery is hot-swappable to extend range like is the case with Grunt. Neither does it offer more specifics, except to note that it will come with three riding modes, a single speed, and various height accessories (seats and handlebars), so as to allow the bike to “grow” with the child riding it.

Perhaps just as important, Runt will feature parental controls, so mom and dad at home will know exactly where the bike and rider are. These include app-driven geo-fencing controls, performance limiters, remote monitoring, and tip-over notifications.

The Runt will start deliveries at the same time as Grunt, which, again, makes sense. The base model has an MRSP of $2,995, and pre-orders are live right now.

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