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YCF has been around since 2005, but the French pit-bike and youth motorcycle manufacturer only started making inroads in the States in 2019. They’re massively successful on a global scale, though: in 2020 alone they sold more than 9,000 bikes in 27 different countries.

The company was founded by former French pro Yannick Coquard (the company name is short for “Yannick Coquard Factory”) and technician Dimitri Bera, a Frenchman who was living in China at the time. Coquard had been using pit bikes to train during the off-season but found their quality lacking at times. The two dreamed up a plan to make high-end pit bikes that could top the quality of those made by the larger OEMs while still being more affordable. Sounds like a tall order, but Coquard and Bera had a plan.

The two developed a full internal R&D department, and in 2009 they opened their own dedicated YCF factory in China. This allows them to have complete control over every stage of production, ensuring that the bikes would match their high standards.

Some people have a negative reaction upon hearing “made in China,” but here’s the truth: Sure, you can hire a Chinese manufacturer to cut corners and make something substandard. If you want junk, you can find someone to make it. But Chinese factories are no less capable when it comes to making top-quality items, and YCF’s reputation for durability and reliability certainly speaks to that. Coquard and Bera won’t allow anything less.

Over the last 15 years, YCF has developed a solid reputation along with a full stable of machines—currently 19 different bike models, designed for riders age 3 to us vet-class riders whose knees still bend enough to sit on a pit bike. Whether it’s for you or your kids, or whether you’re racing competitively or just zipping around the yard on the weekend, YCF has you covered.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Youtube and check out their full range of 2021 models below.

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