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The TC Wanderer is a retro-styled electric motorcycle, which will have a claimed range of over 190 km.

The Super Soco TC Wanderer is a neo-retro electric motorcycle with a range of over 190 km

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The Super Soco TC Wanderer is a neo-retro electric motorcycle with a range of over 190 km

Chinese electric motorcycle manufacturer Super Soco has teased its latest retro-styled electric motorcycle, called the TC Wanderer. In a brief teaser video, the a silhouette of the bike is shown with the mixture of a cafe racer and scrambler styling. The round LED headlight, leather seat underscore the neo-retro styling, and a shot of the rear wheel shows the hub-mounted motor. A glimpse at the speedometer also shows its round, classic styling, with the speedometer dial topping out at 90 kmph. There’s also an additional LCD display which will likely show range, and what appears to be two different gauges for battery charge level.

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The round instrument console has a digital screen with read outs for range and other details

The number 1 on the digital screen is possibly a riding mode choice, while the ‘198’ is likely to be the predicted range in kilometres. The current TC line-up of Super Soco offers a maximum range of 130 km, so the TC Wanderer has almost a 50 per cent more range, effectively making it have one of the highest range for a production electric motorcycle. The bike’s components include a USD fork and monoshock rear suspension, while braking duties are handled by a disc brake on the front wheel and a rear drum brake set-up.


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With a speedometer dial showing a top speed of 90 kmph, it’s unlikely that the TC Wanderer will have maximum speed of that much. 75-80 kmph is a more realistic figure, but then the battery range will probably decrease from what is shown as full range on the digital screen. With a hub mounted motor, the TC Wanderer has possibly freed up space for a bigger battery to account for the impressive range. The Super Soco TC Wandere is however, unlikely to be launched in India.

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