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It is no secret that Mahindra Two-wheelers will revive the iconic BSA Motorbike. It was reported that the brand will introduce an electric motorcycle to start its new innings. However, a new media report claims that the revival of the BSA will begin with the traditional Internal Combustion (IC) version.

The company will first launch a regular motorcycle in 2021-22, which will be followed by an electric BSA in 2022. The iconic British motorcycle brand will produce motorcycles at the Banbury plant, which will create 100 jobs and is expected to start this summer. The report claims that the ‘resurrection of the British motorbike industry’ is an ambition of Mr Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra Group conglomerate.

BSA Motorcycle Launch

The BSA Company will develop a research facility in Banbury before introducing the IC engine bike to be followed by the electric bike next year. The electric bike project is expected to cost £9.2m (approx INR 91 crore). In fact, the Government has already granted £4.6m (approx INR 45 crore) to develop electric bikes. It is believed that this factory will create over 250 jobs.

The report further claims that BSA hopes that the battery for the electric motorcycle could be manufactured in the UK. The battery is expected to be developed in association with different partners. BSA Motorbike believes that the “upcoming trade deals, international economics and Government support will ensure the realisation of the project.”

Mahindra & Mahindra bought controlling stake in Classic Legends, which owns the BSA brand as well as Jawa. The company re-introduced the Jawa brand in India with over 50,000 motorcycles sold in the first year.


Mahindra-Owned BSA Motorbike To Launch New Bike In 2021

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