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Based in Jinhua, China, electric bicycle (e-bike) maker Frey has unveiled what might be the world’s most powerful e-bike in the form of the Frey Beast. Numbers for the Frey Beast are impressive, with an industry first 60 Volt, 24.5 AH battery pack instead of the usual industry standard 15 to 20 AH battery, reports

This high capacity battery is located in the Beast’s down tube and despite its size, Frey does a good job of making it look part of the bike as a whole. A huge Bafang electric motor, rated at 1.6 kW, is located at the crank or mid-drive position, supplemented by pedal power which is what sets electric bicycles apart from electric motorcycles.

Torque rating for the Bafang motor is similarly impressive, putting out 160 Nm of torque. To put things in perspective, this figure is 2 Nm more than the recently released 1,802 cc BMW Motorrad R18 cruiser.

Suspension follows conventional mountain bike setup, with a RockShox 29″ Lyric fork and RockShoxSuper-Deluxe coil shock absorber at the back, giving 160 mm of travel at either end of the Beast. A size mismatched wheelset is supplied, the Beast rolling on 29-inch front and 27.5-inch rear wheels, which is claimed to give better acceleration and torque.

Frey intends for the Beast to be its halo e-bike, complementing a range of 1.5 kW e-bikes, and is reported as unlikely to see volume production. More on pricing and detailed specifications will be released during the Frey Beast’s launch in March 2021.

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