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We might still be a few years off truly cheap electric scooters, but the last few years of increasing popularity has certainly shaved some serious cash off these once expensive gadgets. Today, you’ll find electric scooter deals offering prices lower than $300 / £300 on some models, with the kind of power that would have cost you closer to $600 / £600 just a few years ago. 

It looks like the electric scooter fad is here to stay, then, so whether you’re considering motorising your commute, grabbing some new tech for the kids, or making your way across the city in style you’ll find all the cheapest electric scooter prices right here. If you’re after the latest and greatest, however, we’d head over to our best electric scooters guide – though be prepared to open your wallet a little further.

Many electric scooter deals can save you some serious cash on these previously expensive devices, with hundreds of dollars or pounds falling off those price tags during larger sales or clearance events. Knowing which model to aim for, however, can be difficult – especially seeing as this tech is still developing and some cheaper brands can skimp out on safety or power features. 

That’s why we’re rounding up our top picks right here. You’ll find cheap electric scooters that won’t break the bank below, featuring our favorite models for a range of uses as well as their key specs.

Cheap electric scooter deals

cheap electric scooter deals sales price

(Image credit: Xiaomi )

1. Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

Best cheap electric scooter for adults


Range: 27 miles

Top speed: 15.5 mph

Charging time: 8 hours

Weight: 31lbs / 14.2kg

Motor: 300W

Max rider weight: 220lbs / 100kg

Featuring an impressive 27 mile range and a powerful 300W motor, the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 certainly offers plenty of juice to get you around. Plus, those pneumatic tyres will offer a supremely comfortable ride so you can make the most of those long distances as well. They’re a little cumbersome to change, but the experience on board is completely worth the extra TLC, especially at this price point. That comfort is compounded with a large kickboard deck perfect for longer periods of travel. 

The frame itself is made from aerospace-grade aluminium and also features a bright front LED headlight and rear brake light as well – excellent news if you’re planning on riding after dark. 

Commuters might not get as much value here, however. While the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 can fold down with the single click of a button, we wouldn’t be looking forward to carrying that 31lbs of weight up and down the train station stairs. It’s a little cumbersome to be a true commuter’s dream when folded, but if you’re looking to skip the train altogether the range on this machine makes it exceptionally good value. 

cheap electric scooter deals sales price

(Image credit: Razor)

2. Razor E100

Best cheap electric scooter for kids


Range: 10 miles

Top speed: 10 mph

Charging time: 12 hours

Weight: 29lbs / 13.1kg

Motor: 100W

Max rider weight: 120lbs / 54kg

The Razor E100 has long been held as the best kids electric scooter. With a 100W motor, top speed of 10mph and a range of 10 miles, it’s exciting enough to keep older kids on board but still provides a safer experience for more timid youngsters as well. 

With a smooth kickstart acceleration, the motor here won’t kick in until the scooter has reached 3mph, making for a more gentle start. That comfort continues throughout the ride thanks to the air-filled front tyre, though it’s worth mentioning that the rear wheel chain drive might require some maintenance from time to time. 

Razor recommends this scooter for kids aged 8+, with a max rider weight of 120lbs and the handlebars extending 30-inches from the deck. Be sure to grab some reflectors or lights, however, as the scooter itself doesn’t feature them. 

cheap electric scooter price sales deals

(Image credit: Swagtron)

3. Swagger 5

Best cheap electric scooter for commuting


Range: 11 miles

Top speed: 18 mph

Charging time: 3.5 hours

Weight: 26lbs / 11kg

Motor: 300W

Max rider weight: 320lbs / 145kg

Only available in the US

If you’re looking to travel short distances fast, and fold up when you get there, the Swagtron Swagger 5 can provide the 18mph max speed and 26lbs weight you need. That 26lb weight is far lighter than most packing this 300W motor power, though you are dropping your battery to get there. At 11 miles of range, the Swagger 5 isn’t going to take you across the city, but short trips to the station are likely more than doable. Plus, you’ll only need 3.5 hours to charge up as well. 

The scooter folds easily into a 41.5 x 17 x 45.2-inch profile easily carried by the handlebar itself. You won’t even need to worry about getting a puncture on your way to work either, with the airless honeycomb tires offering a maintenance free solution that ensures no surprises during those early morning commutes. 

This model is only available in the US. However, for UK commuters we’d recommend the Pure Air electric scooter below. It’s a little heavier at 16.5kg, but easily foldable and with an 18.5 mile range at 15.5mph, a 350W motor, 5.5 hour charge time and rare IP65 water resistance as well. 

electric scooter sales price deals

(Image credit: GoTrax)

4. Gotrax GXL Commuter V2

Best cheap electric scooter under $300 / £300


Range: 12 miles

Top speed: 15.5 mph

Charging time: 3.5 hours

Weight: 26.4lbs / 11.9kg

Motor: 250W

Max rider weight: 220lbs / 100kg

Only available in the US

The GoTrax GXL offers an excellent all-round package for under $300. It’s difficult to find a sturdy scooter with wheels above 7-inches in this price range, but the GoTrax offers a sturdy frame, 8.5-inch air filled tyres, max speeds of 15.5mph and a one click fold option as well. To achieve this price point you are dropping your range a little – down to 12 miles, but that’s to be expected for a cheap electric scooter and you’re getting plenty of features to make those 12 miles supremely comfortable. 

An onboard digital display is a rarity in this lower end of the price bracket, and you’ll be able to use this to track your speed and battery while toggling the headlight or even enabling cruise control. 

It’s designed as a commuting scooter, but with the Swagger 5 above offering a slightly lighter and faster alternative – this model is more suited to weekend users looking for an easily foldable design that won’t break the bank. 

Again, this model is only available in the US. UK shoppers, however, should check out the Hover-1 Eagle. At around £279.99 it represents an excellent budget option that still offers a digital display on board and a 15mph battery life. This price range in the UK, however, will drop you down to a 7 mile range with 6.5-inch tyres.

cheap electric scooter price deals sales

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

5. Xiaomi Mi

Best cheap electric scooter under $500 / £500


Range: 18.6 miles

Top speed: 15.5 mph

Charging time: 5 hours

Weight: 27.5lbs / 12.4kg

Motor: 250W

Max rider weight: 220lbs / 100kg

The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter just looks the part. With a sleek minimal design and subtle red accents it’s certainly got a sleek aesthetic. That simplicity does eat into the features a little, as there’s unfortunately no digital display here, simply four LEDs that indicate your power level. 

Under the hood, however, you’ll still find a battery powerful enough to see you through 18.6 miles hidden away as well as the folding smarts to be easily stored or carried. An aerospace-grade aluminium frame makes for a fairly lightweight experience, but also offers the sturdiness that this slimline design might disguise.

Xiaomi’s Mi range, however, does offer some significant safety advantages. If you’re going to be cruising at night the ultra-powerful LED headlight will certainly come in handy – illuminating your path up to 6 metres ahead – and the rear tail light is a must for night riders as well. You’ll also find protection from overcurrents, over-charging and short circuiting here – for extra peace of mind. 

electric scooter deals price sales

(Image credit: Segway)

6. Segway Ninebot Max

Best cheap electric scooter under $1,000 / £1,000


Range: 40 miles

Top speed: 18.6 mph

Charging time: 6 hours

Weight: 41.2lbs / 18.6kg

Motor: 350W

Max rider weight: 220lbs / 100kg

Reasons to buy

+Exceedingly long range+Fast speeds+Relatively short charging time

If you’re in it for the long haul, the Segway Ninebot Max comes competitive priced considering the power and features you’ll find onboard. That 40 mile range will get you exactly where you need to go, and pretty fast too at a top speed of 18.6 mph. Of course, that’s all down to an excellent battery and powerful 350W motor which will easily see you up inclines as well. 

A 6 hour battery charge time is also much appreciated here, with other models offering this level of speed and power sometimes entering double digits when plugged in. 

You are paying for that power in weight, however – with the Max model sitting at 41.2lbs. That means this isn’t one for quick commuter trips, but rather a full city trek. It’s a small price to pay, however, for a beast of an electric scooter that will only set you back around $699 / £699. 

How much does an electric scooter cost?

Electric scooter prices vary greatly by power, battery life, comfort level (through features like pneumatic tyres and larger decks for example), and weight. You’ll find a break down of what you can generally expect from each price range just below.

Under $300 / £300: A cheap electric scooter under $300 / £300 will likely only see you through 10 miles of range, with a top speed of around 15.5mph. That means a smaller battery and weaker motor in the range of around 250W. However, they’re usually fairly low maintenance, not requiring any fussing over pneumatic tyres for example, and can get you through short journeys just as well as a $1,000 / £1,000 model without having to break the bank. 

Under $500 / £500: As you near the $500 / £500 mark you can expect to find larger 8.5-inch tyres (cheaper models will sometimes offer this tyre size, but you’re more likely to pick up 7-inch wheels), ranges of around 10 – 20 miles, and between a 250W and 300W motor. You’ll usually also start to find easier folding mechanisms on these models, with one-click designs that quickly pack down your scooter for easier carrying or storage. 

Under $1,000 / £1,000: Between $500 and $1,000 / £500 and £1,000 electric scooter deals will often jump in range as your battery dramatically improves. 40+ mile ranges are common in the upper tiers of this price category, with a 350W motor to get your up inclines and over rougher terrain without draining the battery too much as well. That all makes for a more comfortable, faster ride, with extra suspension and braking features as well. 

Where to find more electric scooter deals


  • Amazon: stocks cheaper and premium brands with regular discounts
  • Walmart: budget models and kids scooters are particularly well stocked
  • Best Buy: frequent sales on mid-range electric scooters
  • Newegg: large range of brands and competitive pricing
  • Target: best for kids electric scooters


  • Pure Electric: specialist retailer with regular discounts and extra accessories
  • Amazon: cheaper brands available alongside top models
  • Halfords: selective range of some of the best models with regular discounts
  • Currys: strong selection of reliable models with strong savings
  • Argos: best for budget or kids models

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