‘Gone in 60 seconds, literally’: Rochdale electric scooter hire scheme divides opinion Leave a comment

The electric scooter could soon be a common sight on the streets of Rochdale, if plans to launch a hire scheme in the town get off the ground.

But it’s fair to say the idea has divided opinion among our readers.

As the Manchester Evening News reported on Thursday, firms are now in the process of bidding to manage the scheme.

Bolt, one of the companies in the running, says it will help reduce pollution levels and bring around 25 jobs to the area.

But lots of people have expressed concerns about the scooters being stolen or vandalised and several readers raised the spectre of Mobike – Manchester’s doomed bike hire scheme – while others questioned the legality of using scooters on the roads.

Writing on the M.E.N. Facebook page Will Thompson said: “Has this company not heard of Mobike and how that went down in Manchester?”

Peter Collins posted: “Gone in 60 seconds literally,” while Christine Gengler asked: “Aren’t they illegal? Police were saying not to get them for Christmas because they would be confiscated.”

And Catarina Sheridan said: “No, I don’t think these should be used in Rochdale, a bad idea, who is paying for them? We are encouraged to walk more!!”

But not everyone was against the idea.

What do you make of the proposals? Have your say below

Boris Novokov wrote: “They have these in Liverpool and I must say they worked pretty well, I used them.

“You had to scan a copy of your licence (provisional is fine too) worked out cheaper than getting an Uber which reduces CO2 emissions, you’re not supposed to ride them on pavements and seems like 95% of people were adhering to the rules. I think it’s a good idea!”

Andrew P Campbell posted: “I don’t live in Rochdale and gladly by the negative sound of everyone on here. If you don’t try stuff you will never get new things. Major cities in Europe have them everywhere and have no major issues. I’ve used them loads when abroad and they are awesome. If we just worried they will get broke etc then let’s just not try and improve anything.”

And James Singleton said: “Brilliant idea, we were in Kraków and used these all the time.”

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