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Seen as one of the greats of the motorcycle industry, and a real tough nut to crack in the world’s racing series for two-wheelers, Ducati also has a softer side, dedicated to city-dwellers who are to afraid to climb on the back of a Monster, but wouldn’t mind as easier ride through congested cities on an electric scooter.

Ducati Urban e-Mobility is how the line of products for this type of customers is called, and it comprises everything from wearables to the Ducati e-bike. As of the beginning of February, it will also include a more potent version of the existing PRO-I Plus scooter.

Called PRO-I EVO, it comes with a more powerful, 350W electric motor and a 280 Wh battery pack. It rides on 8.5-inch wheels with inner air tubes, and is, in theory, “ideal for going to work, school or taking a ride downtown.” The hardware allows for trips up to 30 km (18.6 miles), while charging should take around 3.5 hours.

Because it is a product for our time, it comes accompanied by a dedicated app, a virtual garage of sorts created by none other than Italdesign. It allows for the scooter to be registered, if one desires to have access to technical assistance services when the need arises. The app also show relevant data for the scooter, including info on the ride’s performance, battery charge level, the distance traveled, and its last known position, if the owner somehow misplaces it.

The folding, electric PRO-I EVO becomes available next week at dealerships and online. The price for one has been set at 399 euros, which is about $485 at today’s exchange rates.

Ducati has high hopes for the EVO, after the model it is based on, the Plus, was its best-selling product in the range last year.

You can find all available details on the new Ducati scooter at this link.

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