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MANILA, Philippines — With many Filipinos turning to delivery services to treat themselves in the days of social distancing and community quarantine, KFC has decided to shift its gears and introduce a new delivery service that is safe, not only for its customers but also for the environment.

True to its commitment to adapt, innovate and bring only the best service to its customers, KFC has started revamping the Colonel’s delivery force last August 2020. It launched a newest fleet of e-bikes that are now taking the greener route to our doorsteps.  

Supplied by one of the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturers, these e-bikes allow KFC to lead the way towards a pro-environment food delivery service in the country. 

Here’s how KFC is revolutionizing its food delivery service: 

1. Sustainable solutions for worsening environmental conditions

There is no denying that the Philippines is confronted with serious environmental problems, and what’s worse is that these conditions are not getting better at all. 

Last February 2020, Greenpeace estimated that air pollution-related premature deaths in the Philippines reached 11,000 to 27,000 in 2018 alone. These deaths are attributed to cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and lung cancer through exposure to polluted air from fossil fuels and harmful sources.

On top of this, noise pollution is also becoming an issue now in urban areas of the country. Unknown to many, noise pollution poses threats to our health. In fact, studies suggest that excessive noise can affect blood pressure and cause hypertension and heart diseases.

These reasons alone are enough to make KFC create a sustainable contribution in resolving the worsening environmental conditions. While e-bikes are not the be-all-end-all solution to the problem, these will greatly help in reducing toxic emissions and noise pollution brought about by operating traditional motorcycles.

One of the many advantages of e-bikes is that they do not use fuels such as diesel and petrol and hence do not emit exhaust fumes which are dangerous to everyone’s health. By using these exhaust- and noise-free e-bikes to deliver thousands of orders in the country, KFC creates an impactful contribution in saving the environment.

2. Proactive responses for conscious consumers

The shift to e-bikes is a cost-efficient solution for KFC helping them save on their daily delivery operating expenses which they can use in developing more sustainable initiatives.

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As everyone becomes more conscious and driven by commitment to making purchasing decisions that have positive social, economic and environmental impact, KFC introduced its new delivery force to solidify its commitment in promoting social good that will benefit all. 

Aside from being eco-friendly, one of the notable aspects of the KFC e-bike is that it puts premium in the welfare of delivery riders with its ease of use. Being easily-chargeable lightweight vehicles that can zip through streets and traffic, e-bikes make riders’ journey to our homes safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.

Also, e-bikes are a fast way to get around congested city centers. Because of e-bikes’ portability, you are assured that your KFC favorites will arrive at your doorstep on time.

Lastly, the shift to e-bikes is a cost-efficient solution for KFC helping them save on their daily delivery operating expenses which they can use in developing more sustainable initiatives.

3. KFC goodness for the palate and the planet

Conscious of how consumption and transportation bring harm to the environment, KFC commits itself in advocating eco-friendly solutions that do not compromise on efficiency and convenience.

KFC Philippines Chief Operations Officer Jojo Marcelo, believes that the deployment of e-bikes for their food delivery services is proof of KFC’s commitment to its social responsibility by pivoting to cleaner alternatives that support the green movement.

“We started with a few and now we’re getting more e-bikes in the fleet. This year, we are dedicated to improving our delivery services and this includes fulfilling our commitment to the environment,’’ Marcelo said. 

With the success of its pilot phase, the new e-bikes indeed proved to be a better alternative. The company hopes to be an example in embracing the shift toward more environment-friendly fast food delivery services. 

Keep a lookout for KFC e-bikes that will bring your food to your homes! Get to enjoy buckets of goodness and know that KFC is making valuable contributions to the planet.

KFC’s new fleet of e-bikes is truly a win for all—for the environment, for the consumers and for its delivery heroes.


For orders, you can call 8887-8888 or download the KFC PH app for Android or iOS. You can also visit www.kfc.com.ph to check out the latest news.

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