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Ola electric scooter plant
Etergo electric scooter image for reference

With an eye on domestic as well as global markets, Ola Electric will soon begin production of its electric two-wheeler

Towards that end, Ola has partnered with Siemens to build its manufacturing facility. Munich based Siemens is a leading industrial manufacturing company with operations in varied domains such as energy, industrial automation, infrastructure & cities and healthcare.

Ola electric scooter manufacturing plant details

Ola’s electric scooter manufacturing facility will come up in Tamil Nadu. With annual production capacity of 20 lakh units, it will be the biggest scooter manufacturing facility in the world. The company has already signed a MoU with Tamil Nadu government, which entails investments worth a staggering 2,400 crore. Once completed, the plant will generate close to 10,000 jobs.

Ola’s manufacturing facility will be among the most advanced in the country. Its construction will be based on Industry 4.0 principles, which involve large scale integration of internet of things (IoT) systems and machine-to-machine communication (M2M). The key objectives are to increase automation, achieve self-monitoring by smart machines, and diagnose issues without human intervention.

In case of Ola’s manufacturing facility, it will have close to 5,000 robots. These will be deployed across various functions to achieve the goals of Industry 4.0.

Ola Electric Scooter Plant Tamil Nadu
Ola acquired Etergo Electric Scooter

To ensure things work out as planned, Ola will be digitally testing its product and production processes using Siemens’ integrated Digital Twin design and manufacturing solutions. This digital validation will be carried out before the commencement of actual operations.

Ola’s proprietary AI Engine

To ensure seamless operations, Ola will be deploying its tech stack across the entire range of manufacturing processes. It will include Ola’s proprietary AI Engine that has capabilities to self-learn and optimise processes.

This will ensure improved control and better quality throughout the entire manufacturing operations. It will be especially beneficial for implementation of advanced internet of everything (IoE) and cyber-physical systems.

New Electric Rickshaw
Ola also has plans to launch electric rickshaw. File photo.

Material handling at Ola’s manufacturing facility will be fully automated. Everything from movement of raw materials and parts to their storage and dispatch of finished products will be handled by automated systems. Ola’s manufacturing facility will ensure optimal synergy between automated tools and human efforts to ensure the best outcomes in terms of efficiency and product quality.

Ola will also be focusing on improving customer experience, right from buying the scooter to ownership and accessing repair and maintenance services. Ola Electric’s first product will be Etergo AppScooter, which will compete with products of other EV manufacturers such as Okinawa, Ather Energy, Hero Electric and Ampere.

It will also be positioned as an effective alternative to the current breed of petrol powered scooters. Along with the Indian market, AppScooter will cater to the needs of other markets across UK, Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

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