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Two wheels are good, four wheels are bad – this is a loud and clear message about sustainability and climate change. Small personal changes in lifestyle and behavior can make a difference.

There is just one more reason to change the way you travel, whether it is from work or weekend drive. Digging cars and public transport for electric bikes gives you the opportunity to do your job to save money, improve your fitness, and help the planet.

Hoffers range from electric bikes to off-road, folding and hybrid bikes, with prices ranging from £ 398 for the Assist Hybrid Shopper style electric bike to £ 398 for the high-performance Voodoo Zobop E mountain bike. Whichever route you choose, your electric bike will change the way you ride.

Voodoo zobop e mountain bike

High Performance Options: Voodoo Zobope E Mountain Bike

Here are good reasons why it makes sense to change the way you travel today.


When it comes to growing, we cannot continue as we have, so the children of the planet say, and they are right. This is why, in 2017, cyclists in the UK covered 3.27 billion miles of road, and cycling has increased every year since 2008.

Work out

The magic of electric bikes Christchurch is that the motor only helps you at a speed of 15.5 mph. It’s more than that, and you’re all gonna work. Therefore, it helps when you feel stressed, without stopping you from doing a good workout.


According to a 2017 Glasgow University study published by BMJ and which was attended by more than one million people, cycling to work was associated with a lower risk of heart disease, compared to that by car or public transport.

Is cleaner

The e-bike can be ridden on its own, of course, but if you need that extra push there is an internal battery that uses clean, green and non-marking power to power a judicious electric motor system. is.

Assist Hybrid Shopper Style Electric Bike

On the go: Assist hybrid shopper-style electric bike


Not everyone is in tip-top shape all the time and includes cyclists. For people with poor health, who are a bit older and can have a hard time “going up the hill” with that incredible knee, assisted cycling can be a boon.

Without sweat

Many more people ride bicycles to work, but they are accompanied by a bouquet of sweaty bottoms that is not well suited to an open-plan environment. Assisted cycling allows you to lose the sweat of your ride. You can also complete it with a silk suit …

Choose the right electric bike for you

Save money

How much is that fee again? Whether you are reaching your daily Oyster limit or saving money for an annual seasonal ticket from train delays and cancellations, e-biking is a real option for commuting by public transport with all its costs and frequent delays .

And by taking advantage of action plans from bicycles and rolled out across the UK, you could save almost half the price of a new electric bike.

Something for the weekend

The finer points of life are worth looking forward to, and that includes weekends, whether it’s a bike ride from the city or a ride through the countryside, wherever you want to go.


E-bike designs are some of the trendiest, slickest, and necker on the road, whether you choose compact, foldable commuter bikes like the Carrera CrossCity, or the tough Carra Subway E for long rides.

New improved model

As the technology used in motors and batteries continues to advance all the time, riders can expect longer distances between recharges, as well as a lighter frame and a stronger ride.

This is the future

Oil-fueled internal combustion is a Victorian technique, strange to use in the 21st century, despite its expiration date having passed. The future is electric, clean and green, and it travels the road on two auxiliary wheels.

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