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Irish start-up technology company Luna has announced a new partnership deal with shared scooter operator Zipp Mobility to roll out next-generation scooters that “know” where and how they are being parked and ridden.

Luna provides key technology that addresses existing concerns around the safety of e-scooter users and others. 

Its technology prevents the illegal use of electric scooters on footpaths and other prohibited areas and also addresses the issue of unacceptable street parking by enabling its GPS technology to ensure the e-scooters are parked in the correct zones.

The new smart scooter tech will be available on UK and Irish streets from April.

Luna said its smart scooter will reduce insurance costs, municipal fines, and fleet management costs for Zipp, while it will also improve customer satisfaction and public acceptance of shared scooters. 

The Luna smart scooters will initially be rolled out across Zipp’s UK operations, with the intention to also bring this Smart City capability to bear on any future Irish shared scooter schemes. 

Andrew Fleury, co-founder and chief executive of Luna, said that shared scooter schemes will likely be coming to the streets of Dublin, Cork, Belfast and elsewhere on the island during 2021.

It said it was important that local authorities leverage the learnings from other locations when implementing their own scooter schemes. 

“We’ve seen problems arising in other locations due to pavement riding, and street clutter caused by bad parking, and we look forward to innovating alongside Zipp, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, and Smart Dublin, in order to overcome these Smart City challenges,” he added. 

Charlie Gleeson, founder and chief executive of Zipp Mobility, said the company was delighted to be partnering with Luna to make its fleet the most technologically advanced one on the streets of the UK, and in the near future Ireland. 

“We have seen first hand the requirement for better GPS capabilities in the industry, in order to better control rogue parking and other operational aspects of our business,” he added.

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