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The process itself all depends on the kit. The most inexpensive kits contain the essential pieces, which can be incorporated into your existing bike frame as per the written specifications. Every kit is different and choosing the kit is all about preference. As for installation, the video above is a fine example of just how easy the actual installation process is. Again, this is just for one specific kit. You’ll want to make sure you follow your kit’s instructions when performing the installation yourself. 

In general, though, most kits follow the same simple installation steps:

Step 1: First, take the bike elements off the frame. An empty frame will make it easier to reassemble when you begin adding the e-bike components. 

Step 2: Install the rear or front motor onto the appropriate tire. Once that is secure, you can reinstall the tires themselves. 

Step 3: Install the switches or controller to the handlebars.

Step 4: Install the battery box, but be careful about where you choose to put it. Larger batteries can offset the weight of the bike slightly. 

Step 5: Line the battery box, install the battery and connect the wires. 

Step 6: Finally, finish and test the bike. You might want to run it upside down at first to see how fast it accelerates and moves.

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