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Silence may not be a household name in the UK, but they’re one of Europe’s biggest electric scooter brands and now they’re launching an innovative four-model range over here.

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The manufacturer was set up in Barcelona, Spain, in 2011, and designs and manufactures its own machines. Its 165-strong workforce currently produces nearly 10,000 units a year and it claims to have already captured over 66% of the Spanish and 30% of the European electric scooter market with over 25,000 customers across 25 countries.

Now, following the founding of Silence UK, its range of electric machines is available on the British market for the first time, with prices starting at just £2695.

The range is led by the flagship S01, which is a 125-equivilent scooter capable of hitting 62mph with a range of 80 miles and a costs £4995. Below this sits the S02, whose 7kW motor is capable of 56mph at a cost of £4695.

Then there are two 50-equivalent models called the S02 LS (for low speed) both limited to 30mph. The standard LS has a 35 mile range and costs £2695 while the S02 LS Long Range can cover 91 miles on a charge and costs £3595.

Silence battery trolley system

All the bikes feature an innovative, portable battery trolley system that enables charging on any UK 240v socket. This means you can easily charge the battery at work or at home, regardless of whether you have a garage.

Regenerative engine braking, riding modes and reverse gear come as standard across the range, and you also get smartphone connectivity with an app that can tell you your scooter’s current location and battery level/range, let you power on or open the seat remotely and even show you statistics on your carbon footprint. 

The models are also backed by a comprehensive warranty (two years for the bike and three for the battery) complete with AA roadside cover.

John Edwards, one of four founders of Silence UK, said: “The UK transportation market is changing at an unprecedented pace; the launch of the Silence family of class-leading electric scooters meets the demands of consumers and companies on so many levels.

“The Silence brand is cool, the products are even cooler – simple, smart, clean and beautifully designed. We’re excited about bringing Silence to Britain, delivering class-leading products and providing a class-leading ownership experience to a new family of customers.”

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