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Ola has announced its partnership with Siemens to build its upcoming electric vehicle manufacturing facility. This announcement comes on the heels of Ola’s MoU with the government of Tamil Nadu to invest nearly INR 2,400 Cr towards building this facility.

The factory will generate almost 10,000 jobs and with an initial capacity of 2 million units a year, it will be the largest scooter manufacturing facility in the world. It will serve as Ola’s global manufacturing hub catering to its customers in India as well as key markets across Europe, UK, Latin America and ANZ. Ola’s factory will be built on Industry 4.0 principles and will be one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the country. It will have almost 5,000 robots deployed across various functions. Ola will have access to Siemens’ integrated Digital Twin design and manufacturing solutions to digitalise and validate product and production ahead of actual operations.

Ola Electric Scooter Rear

The factory will be AI-Powered with Ola’s proprietary AI Engine and tech stack deeply integrated into every aspect of the manufacturing process, continuously self-learning and optimising every aspect of the manufacturing process. This will provide control, automation and quality to the entire operations, especially with Ola’s implementation of cyber-physical and advanced IoE systems. The entire material handling at Ola’s factory will be fully automated for maximum efficiency, right from raw materials, to materials movement inside the factory, to storage, to the finished scooter rolling off the production lines and being loaded onto trucks.

These advanced technology systems will blend with Ola’s workforce to provide the perfect synergy of humans and machines working in tandem to build the most efficient production system and deliver the highest quality products for Ola’s customers. Ola’s upcoming scooter is the first in its range of electric vehicles and upon introduction, promises to change what people should expect from a scooter – right from buying to the ownership and the service experience. Ola’s scooter promises to blend modern design, performance and technology into a leapfrog product.

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