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The e-bike sharing system is already in use in Rotterdam and Copenhagen

The e-bike sharing system is already in use in Rotterdam and Copenhagen

Vaimoo, the Italian connected e-bike sharing solution company, has announced a new agreement with Swedish micro-mobility operator Voi Technology to extend and differentiate its e-scooter sharing service in the UK.


The connected e-bike sharing solution, designed by the Italian multinational advanced technology firm, Mermec, has also been appointed an honoree in the vehicle intelligence and transportation category in the innovation awards at the online electronics show CES 2021, which runs 11-14 January.


Complete solution


Vaimoo (vehicles artificial intelligence mo(o)ved) is a complete e-bike sharing solution including electric bikes, charging stations and mobile apps for using the service. It aims to improves fleet distribution and maintenance through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, real-time geo-location and operational data from the field.


The system has been designed to adapt to any micro-mobility and last-mile transport scenarios, both public and private, and uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for rapid integration with other transport systems, such as metro, train or bus.


To start a ride, an individual taps the smartphone on the dedicated surface on the e-bike handlebars to automatically start the Vaimoo app and unlock the electric bike. The smartphone can be used as a bike display and smart navigator.

“E-bikes are very democratic because anyone can easily use them”

E-bikes can be found in the docking stations as well as in free-floating mode around the city to meet the needs of municipalities and different users, such as tourists, commuters or students.


Vaimoo’s fleets are also in operation in the Danish capital of Copenhagen and the Dutch city of Rotterdam.


Mermec is part of the Angel Group, which works with entrepreneurs and management teams to develop new technologies and build business enterprises around them. Its target sectors include e-mobility, aerospace, aviation, railways, big data analytics and IoT.


“This is the third time in the last four years that one of the Angel Group companies has received this award, but it’s always a great result for the whole team and a further confirmation of the validity of our solution that aims to contribute to the creation of an intermodal and inclusive transport system, now essential in every metropolitan city,” said Matteo Pertosa, project director and member of the board of directors, Mermec. “E-bikes are very democratic because anyone can easily use them.”


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