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I was a little excited last Tuesday standing in the Scorpio Electric showroom at Teban Gardens Crescent.

In front of me were two of the brand’s scooters – both the same model called the X, and both set to be assembled at its production facility within the premises.

While the black version was recently unveiled to the media, the other remains a guarded secret.

To give some background, many months ago, the X was just a whisper as I was shown brochures of the electric scooter.

Today, the working model prototype is closer to being realised as the first electric scooter built here.

Pushing ahead to have the marque recognised on the international motorcycle platform is Mr Melvin Goh, chief executive of Scorpio Electric.

“The future is electric,” Mr Goh said. “We believe we can make a difference by ushering in a new era of a cleaner and more efficient way of transportation.”

Having ridden Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire in 2019, I can see the potential and the buzz attached to EV motorbikes.

On a full charge, the exhilarating LiveWire can go from 0 to 100km in about 3.6 seconds, has a top speed of 176kmh and a range of 235km for city riding or 152km for combined city and expressway riding.

The X will not be as lively or powerful as the LiveWire because it is not meant to be as such. The scooter, accessible to Class 2B licence riders, is in the luxury scooter segment with an emphasis on design, technology and performance.

Up close, the X is not an “off the shelf” scooter.

The components, like its 14-inch wheels, single-sided swingarm, bodywork right down to the hand grips, were built in-house by the marque’s team of engineers.

Speaking of the hand grips, they look like short katana swords made of rubber, designed to allow minimal rider input to turn the throttle.

It is always refreshing to see more of the rear wheel, thanks to the space between the rear of the scooter and the single-sided swingarm.

The overall scooter shape is a mix of curves and sharp angles.

Its features – such as the strip-type dual rear brake lights and its day-running light on the head lamp – appear like something from the sci-fi movie Tron.

Astride the unveiled version of the X, my feet rest flat on the floor.

It is not too wide and seems compact, with plenty of leg room.

The handlebar reach is natural, although I was told the handlebars will be lowered to give it a less aggressive stance.

The designers will also be extending the length of the prototype X to give it more “maxi-scooter” presence.

Given that design considerations are still fluid, I wonder if the production model of the X will come with carbon fibre component protectors, upgraded brakes or even premium suspension?

While my questions were left unanswered, they were met with a knowing smile by one of the brand’s representatives.

The X, which can be expected to hit 60kmh in four seconds, has a top speed of more than 100kmh and a range of 200km, and will have a 5kW motor powered by a 5kWh battery.

It will take roughly four hours to fully charge it using a household socket.

I can imagine the X being perfect for city riding.

Hopefully by the time it is ready for the Singapore market, the infrastructure needed to support EV motorcycles will be in place.

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