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NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Slidgo today announced the new X8 Electric Scooter designed to make transportation fun, easy and accessible, at an affordable price. Available exclusively at Adorama, the Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter is the optimal choice for anyone looking for a sustainable and efficient way to get around town, without compromising style, technology or budget. It features solid, puncture-proof tires, an easy quick-fold design, and is available with either an included X8 10.4aH Battery Pack or an X8 12.8aH Extended Range Battery Pack option. Battery packs are also available separately, allowing riders to purchase additional and go on longer trips.

“Making our brand debut on Adorama with the X8 Electric Scooter is very exciting for us,” said Solomon Leifer, Brand Manager at Slidgo. “We’ve designed this scooter to be the most convenient and affordable option for anyone on the go. With its quick charging, interchangeable batteries, riders can get from point A to point B with confidence.”

Features of the Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter include:

  • Power: A powerful 36V, 350W front motor with 700W peak power.
  • Riding Options and Speed: Ideal for city riding, the X8 Scooter comes equipped with energy efficient ride modes Eco, Beginner and Sport, and a maximum speed of 19 mph. Its double braking system includes rear disc brake and foot brake, and E-ABS regenerative front brake.
  • Interchangeable Batteries and Range: Batteries can be swapped out in seconds and have a built-in charging port that allow charging separately from the scooter. Batteries weigh only five pounds and take approximately four hours to fully charge. All batteries come with a Battery Management System, preventing overcharging of the lithium-ion cells. Slidgo X8 10.4aH Battery Pack offers 16 miles of extended range and the X8 Plus 12.8aH Panasonic Extended Range Battery Pack offers 20 miles of range per charge.
  • Puncture-Proof Tires: 10″ solid rubber tires for worry-free rides and low maintenance.
  • Lightweight, Folding Design: Weighing only 30 pounds including battery, the X8 Electric Scooter features a quick and easy fold design for convenient everyday carry and storage. 
  • Advanced Features: The X8 Electric Scooter has an IP54 waterproof rating and comes with an anti-fire battery case.

Pricing and Availability
The X8 Electric Scooter with 10.4aH Battery is available for $499 and the X8 Electric Scooter with 12.8AH Battery option is available at $599 on Slidgo’s X8 10.4aH Battery Pack is also available for $179 and the X8 Plus 12.8aH Panasonic Extended Range Battery Pack for $279. For the full lineup of Slidgo products, visit

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