Electric scooter maintenance: the essential guide to keeping your e-scooter running Leave a comment

Even before the world was majorly bummed out by a global pandemic, the popularity of e-scooters has been on a meteoric rise for several years, particularly in the UK’s busiest cities. We’ve been lucky enough to sample a huge cross-section of electric scooters here at T3 and can see why the global market is expected to reach a value of £20bn by the year 2025.

But since the popularity of catching a congested train or braving a stuffy bus to work has dropped even further of late, opting for alternative forms of transport is top of most people’s list and the humble electric scooter is a great way of getting around without breaking a sweat or having to fork out for Ubers. In fact, we’ve compiled an entire list of reasons why we think commuting by e-scooter is a good idea.

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