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Okinawa is one of the key players in the EV segment in our country. And the company is all set to launch an all-new electric scooter, primarily targeted at the delivery personnel. Okinawa Autotech recently tweeted – “New Year, New Beginnings! @OkinawaScooters is all set to transform and ‘eco-fy’ the #delivery service sector! Get ready for this Year’s most disruptive #electric two-wheeler as the Okinawa Family gets bigger this month. Unveiling soon #LeadToShine #PowerTheChange with Okinawa Dual.”

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The potential B2B electric two-wheeler is being touted as the most disruptive EV 2W to transform the delivery service sector as the brand commits its success with the proposition – Lead to Shine.

Okinawa dual teaser

The scooter is expected to offer a riding range of over 100 km per charge. Okinawa Dual will be the brand’s offering in the last-mile delivery scooter segment. Electrification of last-mile delivery vehicles has been the talk of the town for years across the country. With COVID-19 resulting in fundamental shifts in the consumer buying patterns, there is an evident surge in e-commerce and online ordering across categories that continue to register strong growth even in the aftermath of the lockdowns. There is no better time than now for the last-mile sector to switch to Electric Vehicles and thus, the launch of Okinawa Dual seems perfectly timed.

Okinawa is one of the most popular electric scooter manufacturer in our country and started its operation with lead-acid electric scooter batteries. The last couple of years saw the company shifting towards a Li-ion range. The lithium-ion batteries offer better performance, are more efficient and have better technology and are a step ahead of the ageing lead-acid battery packs. In the same wake, Okinawa announced last month that it has discontinued all the scooters which came equipped with lead-acid battery packs.

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With the Indian government’s FAME-II subsidy covering only lithium-ion battery pack equipped scooters, their popularity rose sharply in the recent times. And hence, Okinawa decided to shift its focus primarily on li-ion range. Okinawa now has five lithium-ion battery-powered models in its lineup. This includes two low-speed models and three high-speed offerings. The low-speed offerings include Lite and R30, while the high-speed electric scooters are the i-Praise+, PraisePro and Ridge+ models.

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