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Even though you’re well versed in city slicking, there’s something about public transportation that is, well, uh, not as appealing as the movies make it out to be. Sure, that ratty ol’ train gets you from point A to point B, but at what cost? The guy to the left of you is rivaling any Florida man headline, the woman to the right of you is doin’ a no pants dance, and the couple across the way? Just leave it alone. Plus, in case you haven’t heard, people are more dangerous to be around than ever. Complete your errands a whole bunch faster and get the social distance (and vitamin D) you need with a dope electric scooter. Just do us a favor and scoot responsibly. 

Jetson Eris Electric Scooter

We could make a joke about The Jetsons here, but we’ll just let this futuristic electric scooter speak for itself. Get The Jetson Eris Electric Scooter for $459.99 (Reg. $499.99) with code SCOOT40.

L5+ Electric Scooter

Heard of the electric slide? This 28-mile range, completely energy-efficient ride will have you doin’ the electric scoot. Get The L5+ Electric Scooter for $848.99 (Reg. $999), a 15% discount.

Cycleboard Elite All Terrain Electric Vehicle

Need a third wheel (No Single Sally, not you, stay away from date night)? Try this scooter equipped with customized pneumatic street tires and a dual braking system. Get The Cycleboard Elite All Terrain Electric Vehicle for $1349.10 (Reg. $1499) with code CYCLEBOARD10.

Cycleboard Elite Pro All Terrain Electric Vehicle

With customized pneumatic street tires, a silent rear hub motor, electronic braking, and a sweet LCD display, this bad boy isn’t your average two wheels, it’s … wait for it … elite. Get The Cycleboard Elite Pro All Terrain Electric Vehicle for $1710 (Reg. $1899) with code CYCLEBOARD10.

Cycleboard Personal Golf Vehicle

Need a golf buddy? No, we’re not talking about your dad, we were thinking of this little zipper that reduces the time you’re on the green searching for your ball (or a beer) by 50%. Get The Cycleboard Personal Golf Vehicle for $2429.10 (Reg. $2699) with code CYCLEBOARD10.

Segway ES2 Ninebot KickScooter

Sure, when you think of Segway you may think of those cringe-fest tourists surfin’ the big city, but these scooters not only run on a smart battery management system, they also have a dual suspension system, which just a fancy way of saying you’ll be a smooth rider no matter where you go. And they look way cooler than the original. Get The Segway ES2 Ninebot KickScooter for $549.99 (Reg. $649), a 15% discount.

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