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Even under the best conditions, the time between December of one year and February of the next can seem like an eternity. Given the present state of the world, it might seem even longer than ever. That’s why electric two-wheeler maker Vmoto Soco has been leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs to keep stoking interest in its February, 2021 reveal.  

Since it’s only the middle of January as I’m writing this, there are still at least a couple of weeks to go before the big reveal. However, thanks to this new short video teaser, we now know that at least one new Vmoto Soco model is an electric motorcycle that will go by the name Super Soco TS Street Hunter. Say that five times fast, we dare you. Will you conjure up a haunted Super Soaker if you say it in a mirror? We haven’t tried it, but you can … if you dare. 

In this short video clip, you of course don’t see a whole lot. There’s a brief flash of a rather nice-looking front alloy wheel, a sharp and angular-looking headlight cluster, mirrors, and LED turn signals. There’s a monochrome LCD display in the dash that may or may not be difficult to read easily in direct sunlight. We also get a very brief glimpse at the right-hand control cluster, which looks well-placed and uncluttered. All in all, it does its job teasing you to want to know more about the model at its official launch. 

Speaking of which, the Vmoto Soco World Première 2021 appears to be about more than just one model, from what we can tell. How many new things will Vmoto unleash on the world? We’ll only have to wait a little longer to find out, thankfully. The short glimpse we have of the Street Hunter from the front looks considerably more aggressive than the current TS. How you feel about that is, of course, a matter of opinion. We look forward to finding out more, for sure. 

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