Xiaomi M365 Pro vs Xiaomi Pro 2: what’s new in Xiaomi’s range-topping electric scooter Leave a comment

There’s a new iconic electric scooter in town and it’s called the Xiaomi Pro 2. Is it any better than the incredibly popular Xiaomi M365 Pro it essentially replaces? Also called the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 – and having dropped the ‘365’ moniker – this upgrade to its electric scooter range by Chinese company Xiaomi (pronounced ‘SHOW mee’), went on sale in July 2020. 

It’s an update to the Xiaomi M365 Pro, which originally came out in late 2019 as an upgrade to the original Xiaomi M365, so both are relatively new electric scooters; both have colour displays, regenerative dual braking systems and can be folded-up for easy storage. So what’s the difference between the Xiaomi M365 Pro and the Xiaomi Pro 2?  

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