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“Bikes will win back the city”, Matteo Frontini certainly thinks so. Furthermore, he emphasises that this is not a “freak” (cit.)zinger, rather a thought that he defines “progressive”, because the electric bike is the product that best embodies a healthy but, at the same time, techie, sustainable and local lifestyle which allows the consumer to move forward in some way, towards the future. A future of greener cities, the result of a mentalitychange, of a more local lifestyle in which the bicycle becomes the perfect mean of transport. In line with this vision, his bicycles have sufficient autonomy for urban use (around 50 kilometres), and use lithium iron phosphate batteries, therefore with a longer life span of recharging cycles. They are relatively light, weighing almost half as much as other electric bikes (30 kilos), and above all they are beautiful ones, in line with the Italian tradition. At the moment, those who want to see them can visit the company (Matteo is available), a few dealers have them in their windows, or the first official store in Milan, located in the very central Corso Garibaldi. In a long-term vision, the bikes are just the beginning, and as its founder explains, Mauà wants to evolve the city: a ‘kinder’ city, as he calls it. “But to get the kindness out of people you have to give them the tools”.

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