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Pakistan Teleport recently unveiled their T1 electric bike prototype but the company was soon bashed for copying Brekr, a Dutch company producing what looks to be the same two-wheeler.

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Teleport Explains Copying Brekr Electric Bike.

Teleport explained their position regarding the matter and provided a clear explanation as to why they copied the Brekr electric bike.

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“Teleport aims to give Pakistani consumers a futuristic design and commuting experience instead of the conventional Pakistani bikes that have the same appearance and features since the early 70’s.” the company said in a Facebook post.

The company added that this was just a prototype meant to “demonstrate the functionality of the systems, battery performance, motor throughput as well as the unique suspension system that we designed.”

“Being a startup our main focus remained on enhancing the already existing EV technology and therefore we opted to adopt the ergonomically advanced frame design of a Dutch EV bike manufacturer Brekr.” the social media post continued.

Teleport also admits that the frame of their T1 electric bike does resemble Breke, however, itwas adopted with the Dutch company’s permission.

“Since we feel that we have sufficiently refined the technological parameters of the bike; we will now be focusing on design improvements and we may adopt a different frame design for our upcoming commercial model.” added the company.

The company adds that electric vehicles are the future and believe that Pakistanis are ready to make the change from conventional vehicles.

“Teleport T1 has proven to be cost effective, durable, reliable, and the right fit for this region in comparison to any other international EV manufacturer.” stated the company on social media.

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