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CHINESE motorcycle manufacturer CFMOTO has launched its own electric bike brand, and they have already revealed a concept machine.

Electric CFMOTOs look to be getting released in the name ZEEHO, after the new brand was officially launched last week by CFMOTO’s CEO.

The scooter you can see above boasts a 0-30mph time of 2.9 seconds, 70mph top speed, and a range of 130km or more.

CFMOTO created the new EV division, ZEEHO, in August 2018 with the aim of providing high-tech user-driven products for current and future generations to enjoy. CFMOTO, famous for high-quality and large-displacement motorcycles, is working to a new ‘Life Amplified’ philosophy under the ZEEHO brand, to deliver revolutionary products that are tech-driven and designed for user-comfort, while addressing the impact of travel on the environment.

The Cyber Concept scooter will be powered by a premium pouch style lithium-ion battery manufactured by Farasis Energy, that packs in 4kWh of energy, giving a NEDC effective range of 130+km.

The battery has passed automotive-grade safety tests and with CFMOTO self-developed BMS (Battery management system) has a 2500 cycle lifespan or eight years and up to 300,000km combined with operating temperatures of -20° to 55°, which makes it suitable for usage in most climates around the world.

The bike also features a clever kinetic energy recovery system called the ‘Cobra powertrain’. This converts the braking force of the bike into electricity that can be directed into the battery, and it has a claimed conversion efficiency of 92%.

Freddie Hinkley, Managing Director of CFMOTO UK, commented: “The new ZEEHO brand and Cyber Concept scooter reflect the exciting future ambitions for the CFMOTO brand. The concept scooter specifications demonstrate the impressive performance and range that can be achieved from EV scooters and motorcycles. We expect to see this concept develop into models that will be available in the UK in the near future.”

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