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Georgia Slowe and her metallic green electric bicycle

AN actor who had her £2,000 bicycle stolen from outside her Hampstead home has warned that a team of thieves is using children as a decoy.

Former Emmerdale star Georgia Slowe’s green Moustache electric bike was stolen in the Platt’s Lane area on Saturday afternoon after she returned from a cycle ride with her husband.

Ms Slowe had left her bike propped up against a wall but returned moments later to find it had gone. “We’d come down off the Heath and we were covered in mud so I’d gone to fetch the hose and came back and my bike had vanished,” Ms Slowe said.

“I was in a panic and began asking anyone nearby if they’d seen anything. There was a guy with a pram and another man with a little girl on a scooter standing outside and they told me they’d seen a man pedal off on my bike.

“It seemed odd at the time because I had the computer which powers the engine of the bike in my pocket and it is very difficult to ride the bike without it.

 Thief wheeling away on stolen bike

“So I jumped in my car believing that I was looking for a man pedalling away quite slowly on my bike but I couldn’t find him.

“When I returned to my house I saw the same men but they were really quite unfriendly and unhelpful.

“And no wonder. When I looked at our CCTV and our neighbours’ that evening I realised what a set-up it all was. Not only did they lie but I was talking to the very men who had stolen my bike.”

In the footage Ms Slowe claims the man with the push­chair can be seen walking past her house on the opposite side of the road when she leaves her bike outside.

She believed he then made a phone call before a van arrived at speed. The man with the pram then takes the bike and is believed to have placed it in the van before it drives off again.

The van said to have been used in the heist

“He then comes back, pulling the pushchair behind him, meets up with the man with a child on a scooter and hangs around outside to tell me the wrong information as some sort of diversion tactic,” Ms Slowe said.

“It is absolutely disgusting what these men are doing, especially using children as part of their ruse, and they need to be stopped.

“Personally I’m devastated. I love my bike, I do everything on it these days and especially during the pandemic it is what I do to get outside, it’s been a lifeline really.”

She said she hoped other neighbours’ CCTV might have the dark coloured van’s registration number.

“I hope this makes people more aware of the kind of methods being used by these gangs,” Ms Slowe added.

The theft took place just before 4.30pm on January 2. Police are investigating.

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