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It is electric, it is “smart” and it is also 100% Greek. If all goes well, the first scooter that brings together all these features will make its appearance on the streets next summer, reports.

By then, its creators will have come up with its name. “It simply came to our notice then. Our company is called Give, the project is called i.lektra, but for the scooter itself we are still in the search phase” says Elias Nasiopoulos, co-founder of the GIVE company, which made the original two-wheeler together with Lefteris Koza, Asteris Apostolidis and Sebastianos Mail.

The whole project started four years ago when Elias Nassiopoulos returned from England where he had worked for eight years as an engineer and chief engineer of analysis and construction in the team “Force India Formula 1”, in the company Prodrive and in the Research and Development Center of Nissan in Europe, to dedicate himself to his vision.

For the time being there is no further information for technical characteristics and other details, but you can stay tuned to the manufacturer’s website in order to follow the progress of the first Greek and one of the first globally e-scooter.

Read the full report here.

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