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Back in March 2017, the carmaker landed on the market with a bicycle sporting numbers as striking as those that define its hypercars, albeit with the effect being achieved in a different manner. We’re talking about one of the lightest proposals out there, which tips the scales at just 11 lbs (5 kilograms) and costs as much as a performance car, starting at around €32,000 ($39,000).

While Bugatti provided the design, the bicycle was developed by German specialist PG. A few months later, the two companies introduced a second offering, this time an electric bike, which was claimed to be the most scale-friendly in the world.

With a sleek appearance concealing the electric hardware, the offering tips the scales at just 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg), comes with a range of 34 miles (55 km), and starts at €65,000 (just under $80,000), with the price going up to €130,000 ($159,563) for the top-spec version. As is the case with the non-assisted model mentioned above, only 667 units are being brought to the world.

Now, while Bugatti’s bikes make the most out of their carbon fiber construction by betting on a minimalist design (even the brakes are concealed), the unofficial concept we have here goes for the opposite. It sports an appearance that easily reminds one of Bugatti’s don’t-call-it-bread-and-butter model, the 2016-introduced Chiron.

From large elements such as the frame to smaller bits like the handlebar and the headlights, this pixel exercise reminds one of the W16 hypercar. And while we’re talking about the frame, it looks like this could accommodate a battery and an electric motor.

Of course, carbon fiber is also the key ingredient here, whether wearing a clear coat or being covered in one of the many shades of blue Ettore and Jean Bugatti used back in the day. And with so many angles shown, we can easily enjoy the styling.

Well, if we look at the background of Vasili Zygouris, the Greek designer behind the work, we’ll understand the chiseled nature of the proposal. The enthusiast studied Restoration Engineering in his home country and completed a Masters’ degree specializing in Industrial Design in Milan, while his work experience includes projects for brands such as Dyson, Sony, ZF, Panasonic, and others.

However, Zygouris’s Instagram page seems to be dominated by cycling world creations, with this Bugatti being just one of his adventures; for instance, you’ll find a Tesla vision in the last Insta post below.

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