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As we’re stuck smack bang in the midst of snowy season, you probably aren’t in a rush to take anything on two wheels out for a spin right now, but the latest e-bike from MoonBikes will almost certainly change your mind. With a front ski and rear motorised tread in place of the usual two wheels, the French company’s latest model, the Stardust, has been constructed specifically for making light work of snow on the ground, making sure you get from a to b with ease. 

While this bike will get you where you need to go regardless of overnight snowfall, it’s clear the boffins over at MoonBikes have designed this bad boy with unadulterated fun in mind. With an electric motor able to deliver 3kW of continuous power through this marvellous contraption, the Stardust is able to reach impressive speeds of up to 28mph. The motor is powered by a pair of batteries that can provide between 11 and 22 miles of range each, meaning you should easily get a day’s riding in before recharging.

Ok, so it won’t challenge your average petrol-powered snowmobiles in terms of sheer speed and distance but given that it is such an eco-friendly machine, and at just under 80kg with one of the two batteries attached, the Stardust is extremely lightweight and compact, weighing half of what a regular snowmobile does. That seems like a win to us. 

MoonBikes have yet to announce a price for the Stardust, but it will be available for pre-order in the first quarter of 2021 so expect the cost to arrive soon. It’s not just snow that MoonBike have set their sights on next year either, with the Stardust being launched alongside another model, called the Ranger, which has been designed for mountain professionals and includes a ski rack, tool box and an attachable sled. Everything you need, right there!

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