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Dutch cycling brand Lekker Bikes, which was founded in Amsterdam in 2009 but has stores in North Melbourne and Sydney’s Surry Hills, has brought its new single-speed electric bicycle Down Under.

Five years in the making, the Amsterdam+ draws on European aesthetics and engineering to make a sleek e-bike that looks like it came straight off the streets of its namesake city and is great for Aussie commuters, too.

“[There are many reasons] e-bikes are the way to go, especially for the Australian market,” says Lekker CMO Niels Bark.

“An e-bike allows you to cover a longer distance [more easily]. This [means it suits] everyday commuters, as now they can travel a longer distance by bike, without losing too much time, and ride in comfort … without [getting] sweaty armpits.”

The lightweight, minimalist e-bike comes in matte Satin Black or special-edition Concrete Blue and can be customised with an aluminium rear carrier, a waterproof saddle bag and a Kryptonite folding lock. It runs on a battery-powered rear motor that has five automated power levels, which effectively work like gears, changing as you pedal.

While the motor takes some of the hard work out of riding, Bark believes it’s still a healthier way to travel, both physically and for the environment. “We see our riders using their bikes more often, travelling longer distances and ultimately spending more time outside on a bike. [Don’t] underestimate the [positive] mental effect of enjoying a ride outside, [either].”

Lekker Bike’s Amsterdam+ starts from $2898 and can be picked up in-store or delivered.


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