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CFMoto have a new tech-heavy electric scooter, called the Cyber Concept, which they say is capable of 0-30mph in 2.9s, has a 70mph top speed and an 80-mile range.

Built by Zehoo, the electric division of CFMoto, the Cyber Concept is powered by lithium ion batteries with a 4kWh capacity.

Zehoo reckon the advanced battery design is capable of being fast charged to 80% within 30 minutes and is capable of 2500 charges (or 186,000 miles) before it starts to lose performance.

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Part of this, they say, is down to a new powertrain they have dubbed the ‘Cobra’, which is driven by a 10kW motor claimed to be 92% efficient. The motor also generates 157lb.ft of torque, although there is a Bosch traction control system to keep that in check.

As you might imagine with something called the Cyber Concept, it’s about more than just the motor and wheels. The scoot is loaded with tech including voice control, remote diagnostics and a keyless system you can unlock with a phone.

CFMoto say they plan to put the scoot into production next year for the Chinese domestic market although it could go on sale here too.

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