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All that you should know before buying an electric two-wheeler

With climate change becoming one of the biggest global issues, many people are going sustainable in their lifestyle choices. This has brought electric vehicles closer to the mainstream. E-bikes and e-scooters are great for travelling short distances and are cost effective, but they also pose certain challenges. We speak to experts and electric two-wheeler owners.

‘Ideal for short commutes, only disadvantage is of charging points’
Somnath Ghosh, assistant professor at IIT Delhi, shares, “For me, it is very advantageous in terms of the environment as well as from the price perspective. It does not require any license or registration fees and is apt for travelling within the campus and nearby areas. If your maximum limit is 30kmph, then you don’t need any registration, pay for any road taxes or need a licence.” But he recommends getting an e-bike with a lithium-ion battery. “There are two kinds of batteries that come with such scooters – one is a lithium-ion battery and the other one is a lead-acid battery. I have the former and you can take the batteries out and charge it anywhere and anytime. For lead-acid, there is no option to remove the battery,” he says.

‘Have low running, maintenance and service costs

According to IV Rao, Visiting Senior Fellow, Centre for Sustainable Mobility, TERI, electric two-wheelers are value for money. “One concern with electric vehicles is its cost. The lithium-ion batteries are costly and so, the cost of the vehicle goes up. But the cost of two-wheelers is not very high. From a user’s point of view, it has all advantages because the initial cost is low, running cost, maintenance and service cost is also very low.”

‘Plan outings in advance’

Debabrata Dasgupta, assistant professor at IIT Delhi, adds, “My e-scooter has a speed limit of 25kmph and is a green vehicle. I don’t need to go out to charge it, I can charge it at home. It runs for 60-65km in a single charge. I need to charge it twice in a month. The only downside is that if you are planning to go on a longer ride, you have to plan in advance and charge the battery.”

‘I bought it for environmental reasons

Stand-up comic and entrepreneur Vasu Primlani, who owns an electric solar-charged bike, shares that her reason for buying an electric vehicle was primarily environmental. “Another reason is the operating cost of this vehicle. If you charge it on the regular grid, it will be 20 paisa/km, and it also has the fastest pickup of any motorcycle. It does have a cap of 80kmph operationally but that’s also good because it promotes safety,” shares Vasu.

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